March 30, 2015

Dear Mom,

I love all the scriptures you send me, they always find a way to speak to my heart and provide me with the means to continue on in the coming week. I look forward to each P Day not just because its a day to have a little fun, but because I get to sit down for an hour or so and just feel of the love you and the family have for me, and for each other. Glad to hear everything is going okay. You guys have been busy! So many things seem to be going on, and I am almost a little sad that I am not there to see it. But thank you ever so much for taking time to just remember me and lift me up and give me comfort. Many times I ask for blessings and search for the answers to my prayers, and often times the answer is just right in front of me. It is you. It is Dad. Its Joy Joy and Josh and the rest of the family. Its the ward. Its my friends. It is the people here in Peru that God has prepared for me to teach, and every single opportunity he has given me to open my mouth and share what I know proves time and time again to be a tremendous blessing.

Mission life never seems to get any easier, but that’s quite alright, because the Lord never seems to stop strengthening and uplifting his missionaries. This week in Catacaos I have been focusing my gratitude on the little things the Lord does for me, the tiny almost unrecognizable blessing he has placed before me and allowed me to partake of, and it has worked a world of difference in my proselyting and teaching efforts. We finally met our goal for 100 street contacts in about 5 days, and our numbers this week are a huge improvement over last week. In one of my journal entries this week, all I wrote was, “I was happy today, and that was all I could ever ask for. God has answered my prayers, and I could not be more grateful”.

This past Saturday, we took a drive down to this other part of Catacaos called Vichayal where we invited members of the ward and a huge number of converts and less actives in the area to attend a family home evening in the house of one of the members who lived there. Vichayal isnt exactly what we would call very modern. There are no roads, only dirt paths and a whole lot of mosquitos, but I love visiting Vichayal for it always gives me a sense of humility, peace and tranquility. There is a silent beauty that exists here in Piura and sometimes I just look up at the sky and think to myself that God really has thought of everything, and I couldnt be more happy to be a missionary here in Piura. Anyways the family home evening began and I couldn’t believe it. More then 50 people showed up! Members, recent converts, new investigators, friends, family and more all piled in and my companion and I taught a grand lesson about how we can fortify our families like how Moroni fortified his cities against the Lamanites in the Book of Mormon. We invited people to share their testimony after we concluded and the things I heard just rocked my soul to the core. There is power in the gospel, and I saw it manifest in the smiles and laughs in the faces of those whom we taught that night. The gospel blesses families, of this I can bear testimony because I have seen it work its magic in the lives of those who are seeking it.

Thanks always for listening Mom. I know life for you over there in Washington is busy busy busy but I am always so grateful to Heavenly Father for the little moments he permits us to just relax even for a bit and feel of his peace. As always, I wish you all the best and I am sending all the love and support I possibly can through a computer screen. As they say here in the mission, “Seguir Adelante!” Always remember that I am praying for you guys. See you next week.


Elder Justin Cruz


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