March 9, 2015

Dear Mom,

You know I am not one for crying too often but I must admit as well whenever I read your emails and those of the rest of the family I get a few tear drops going out of the corners of my eyes. Truthfully the mission has been beating me to the ground both physically and intellectually. The work load of a missionary is no joke. Each day is new mountain to climb and at times you just wish the top could be closer. My time here and Catacaos has taught me much and I know that challenges will only continue to surface. But you know what? I am just alright with that. I have never been so hot, sweaty, dirty (seriously everything here is coated in dust) and tired before in my life, but I have never been more happy. I have never been so proud to walk around in a white shirt and tie. I have never been more closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. It seems that wherever I go there is someone or something pushing me along, guiding my hand, carrying me through my hardships, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I had an amazing experience this week while my companion and I were out proselyting. We were out knocking on doors when we came up to this one house. We knocked for 2 or 3 minutes when we determined no one was home. We were about to leave when the family that lived there happened to pull up in a moto taxi and saw us missionaries standing around outside their house. Talk about awkward. Anyway, I saw the Dad had crutches and a cast on his leg so I offered to help take their stuff into the house. We assumed that they werent going to be very receptive of us and so we were only going to leave a pass along card and move on, but to our surprise, the mother invited us in and so in we went.

We sat down and we started talking with them. We gave the usual speech about how we were missionaries of the Church and all that and we started talking about their family. She expressed to us that she had lost her first child in the first year of his birth and in an instant my spirit did a backflip. I looked straight into her eyes and the eyes of the husband and I could tell they were looking for something. They needed the Gospel, and by the grace of God we were there to share it with them. After our lesson the mother looked at us and told us so sweetly that she knew that it was no accident she found us missionaries outside her door that day. I knew God had put these people in our paths for a reason, and there is no doubt in my mind that experiences like this are why I serve as a missionary. I had never borne stronger testimony to anyone than I did to that family, for the spirit in that lesson was so strong.

Well mom, my time is running short but thanks for always being there to listen. I wish you all the best in your business and work efforts. Have fun on your business trip! Don’t give up and always work hard! I have all the faith in the world in you. Keep at whatever it is you do. I pray for you and for the family always, every day, in every moment. Love you lots. See you next week.

Your Son,

Elder Justin Cruz


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