February 18, 2015

In less than a week I will be out of the MTC and into the mission field. Things are getting real around here and my mind has been contemplating all the possibilities. Am I really ready to go out proselyting in Spanish? How will people receive me? Will they even take me seriously? These are the thoughts that have been running all over my mind lately. I have complete trust in the Lord but honestly sometimes I question if I have the right amount of trust in myself? No matter what however, I am willing and excited to experience my first real mission area. I do not know what my first actual residence address will be so please hold off on that package until I can get some clarification, but thank always for your never-ending support, encouragement, and love.

My time as Zone Leader has been an interesting one. My MTC President really keeps an eye on my and whether or not I like that remains to be seen, but I am going to assume that its because he sort of kinda likes me (I hope). The kids tell me that you all took a trip to Canada recently? That must have been fun. You all seem to be very busy lately. Hope everything is going okay and family life is manageable and enjoyable.

The last few weeks here have gone by so fast I can even fathom it. It seems like yesterday I rolled up to the MTC having no clue where anything was or how anything was done and now here I am, about to head out and be a true representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. The thought of it is simply crazy, but I have this sure feeling in my gut that there is nowhere else I should be but right here in Peru, trying to spread the Gospel to those who will receive me. The other day, we asked one of our teachers, “Hermano, do you think we are ready to go out proselyting?” and his response really got me. He said, “No. But I know that God will help you”. Often times I forget that my efforts only make up part of my converting power as a Missionary. Sometimes I forget that there’s someone else backing me up, each and every time I open my mouth and try to speak Spanish. I know God will help me if I but reach out to him. He makes all the difference, and I have felt it every time I remember a word in Spanish, every time a scripture comes to mind, or every time I muster up the courage to offer a stranger on the road a Book of Mormon (which by the way I did today!).

My time is short, but I want to share a scripture with you and the rest of the family. I was reading in 3rd Nephi and one of the verses really stuck out to me and for no apparent reason, brought me much comfort. I cant remember the reference exactly (I will get it to you next time) but I remember the words of the verse: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also”. I can say for certain that by being out here on this mission, I know now where my treasures lie, and where my heart resides.


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